Academy Philosophy

Player Centered * Coach Driven * Administration, Sports Science, Parent Supported*

Our paramount concern is the holistic development, welfare, enjoyment and safety of our players. The player is the center of our universe and we make soccer decisions in their best interest. By respecting players as individuals with their distinctive needs and talents we will help all players fulfill their full potential.

Red Star sets itself apart from other Academies by the fact that the coaches drive the soccer operations. All technical decisions are made by, or delegated by; the elite coaching staff assembled. Each and every decision, from the smallest adjustment during practice, to player selection/player movement is done by the professional staff of coaches. Our technical staff is comprised of full-time professionals who have the expertise, time, and pro-active attitude to provide the best player development environment possible.

Scientific research has concluded that it takes eight to twelve years of training for a player/athlete to reach elite levels. This is called the ten year rule or 10,000 hour rule, which translates to slightly more than three hours practice daily for ten years. Unfortunately, parents and coaches in many sports still approach training with an attitude best characterized as "peaking by Friday", where a short term approach is taken to training and performance with an over emphasis on immediate results. We now know that a long-term commitment to practice and training is required to produce elite players/athletes in all sports. There is no short cut to athletic preparation. As an Academy we stay current in the latest sport science developments and best practices used across the world to ensure optimal player development.


Player Centered Decision Making

Player Centered Decision Making