Red Star Soccer - The Right Choice

Making good decisions, at the right time, for your developing soccer player.

"Planning the development of young players is like preparing for a journey.  It’s advisable to have a map to avoid getting lost and wasting time and energy."  Horst Wein. (German educationalist, leading figure in youth soccer development)

Success Requires Good Choices.  Below are some notes intended to help parents navigate the soccer landscape and make decisions that will benefit their academy age players.  The path to success requires making the right decisions at the right time.

Parents Make Important Decisions.  Whether it be academics or sports, parents are far better equipped than children to make decisions that affect the child’s future.  Rather than asking a child if they’d like to participate in a new program the child knows nothing about, parents should enthusiastically present to a child a well-researched plan aimed at parent/child goals.

Consistent Exposure to Quality Training.  Seasonal supplemental training is not enough.  Soccer demands complex skill and knowledge, the learning of which requires consistent and ongoing exposure to a high quality source of the required information.  Red Star offers year-round programs (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).

Start Early / Slow Drip.  Consistent and ongoing exposure to the right information from age 6 is a far more effective learning approach than a "cram session" at age 10.  Red Star offers age-appropriate programs for players starting at 5/6 years of age.

Curriculum Based Training.  Most learning takes place in training sessions.  Games are a venue to test what has been learned.  Lesson plans MUST be based on a curriculum, not on a coach’s reaction to failings in a meaningless match.  Player Development vs. Winning at all costs.

Soccer is a Dribbling Game.  From a player development perspective, soccer is first a dribbling game, and second a passing game.  True competence in 1v1 technical ability and 1v1 knowledge is the primary goal of Red Star Academy.  It is only from this basis that a truly competent player can grow.

Technical AND TACTICAL Lessons.  Many soccer programs base their lesson plans on the disastrous myth that young players should only learn technique.  Every action in soccer begins in the brain, not in the foot.  Decision-making (age-appropriate) must be the cornerstone of a player development program even from the youngest age.

Our TRAINING sessions form the core of our program.  This is where the mass of learning takes place, with a focus on critical fundamental technical (ball/body skill) and tactical (decision-making) competence, while receiving positive reinforcement in a fun environment.

Don’t waste your child’s time or energy, give them the proper, quality instruction they deserve. Come Learn and Play the Red Star Way!