Juggling STARS

Here’s a great way to improve your skills and challenge your friends and family! Join the Juggling Stars!


Juggling Stars is designed to promote, encourage and challenge our players to spend more of their free time juggling. As we all know, juggling is an integral part of player development. It is also a known fact that all good jugglers are not necessarily good soccer players, but it is certain that all good soccer players are good jugglers. We want to encourage our young players to make juggling a habit because:

  • Players develop better overall ball manipulation skills
  • Players develop coordination, balance, reaction speed, learn to use both feet etc.
  • Players can set and achieve goals (personal juggling record) and also develop good work/practice habits and determination to reach those goals


Entry- 10+ Juggles - Red STAR Juggler wristband

Bronze - 25+ Juggles - U8/U9 - name on website
Bronze - 35+ Juggles - U10 and older - name on website

Silver - 50+ Juggles - name on website and mini-ball

Gold - 100+ Juggles - name on website, century club certificate, Red Star sack-pack

Platinum Juggle Master - 500+ Juggles - name on website, juggling master certificate, customized Red Star juggling master t-shirt

Hall of Fame - 1000+ Juggles - name on website, customized Red Star jacket, Red Star Hall of Fame patch

Senior (parents): 100+ Juggles - name on website and certificate


No bounces!!  This is an Honor System!  2/3 of touches must be done with feet. Juggling must be counted by a Red Star coach or Red Star parent. Bronze and Silver level players are allowed to start by dropping the ball from their hands. All other levels must be started with the feet.  Juggling may NOT be done during regularly scheduled practice times, game warm-ups, or games themselves.  Players are welcome to arrive early or stay late to work on their juggling and have someone count for them.

Please email our Technical Director, Adriano Allain with the participant’s name, age, team name, number of juggles and date record was accomplished.