Rules of Play - Region 2 League

Region 2 - Spring League U8-U9 / Fall League U9-U10


  1. All games will be 8 v 8 (7 and Goalie)
  2. Playing time will be as follows: - Spring U8-U9 = ALL Games will be two 25 minute halves with 5 minute break. - Fall U9-U10 = U9 will be two 25 minute halves and U10 will be two 30 minute halves with 5 minute break.
  3. All games will be played on a 8x8 appropriate size field. General guidelines are 70x40, but sometimes can be slightly smaller or larger. Appropriate size goals are highly encouraged but not mandatory at this point.
  4. Once schedules are posted, please attempt to firm up the game time and location asap. Be flexible in accommodating scheduling conflicts. Be patient. Please work with each other. Games can be played either Saturday or Sunday.
  5. All players and adults sitting in the players side (Coach and Team Manager) require valid USCS player passes in order to play. Rosters need to be entered in team pages and home team is responsible for printing game card and updating the score online within 48 hours after the match has been played. If a team does not have roster online the game will be played assuming Player Cards are available, but the team without roster will be issued a warning and will be given 7 days to enter the roster online.
  6. No Guest players are allowed in this League - no exceptions.
  7. NorCal encourages the age group player development pool concept by allowing players from within the same club to play games with any of the age group teams in the club. Please do not abuse this flexibility for the purpose of winning games, use this strictly as a developmental opportunity whenever it makes sense to our age group.
  8. All throw-ins must be done correctly, but at the discretion of the referee a re-throw can be granted. Penalty kicks will be allowed.
  9. All teams within the same Club need to wear the same uniform. If uniform conflict exists in a given game with opponent, home team is responsible for using an alternate jersey. The use of vests as second color is permitted in this younger developmental league.
  10. All major and technical fouls will be enforced resulting in direct free kick or indirect free kick as appropriate.
  11. Offside will be enforced.
  12. Either team may substitute on any stoppage, subject to the referee’s approval.
  13. Goal kicks may be taken from any point within the penalty box in order to keep the game flowing, unless both coaches agree otherwise in advance with the referee.
  14. All efforts will be made to try to place teams in the appropriate bracket of play, but in the event of an uneven game, please try to avoid running up the score and keep the spirit of good sportsmanship throughout the games, emphasis should be placed on safety and player development above anything else at this young age.
  15. No trophies will be awarded. Participation pennants will be given to all teams.
  16. Scores and standings will be posted, but please remember to keep this in perspective, and make individual player development your team’s first priority.
  17. Referees, while respecting the Laws of the Game, will do their best to keep the game flowing, simple and fun.
  18. Show high level of Sportsmanship at all times, educating your parents at this young age is very important.